How it all began


Bird Raffle bought to you by Cage & Aviary Birds in Association with Mid Essex Budgerigar Society is an evolution of Budgie Raffle started by Mid Essex back in 2016

The Budgie Raffle like any other raffle was started to raise funds to enable Mid Essex to run it’s open show & club. Most raffles are very limiting due to the footfall at events and the value of prizes. Most visitors are willing to support a raffle but how many genuinely want to win the prizes on offer?

With quality prizes, a bigger audience and the offer of free delivery we were ready to launch. Our first raffle with just two quality Budgerigars available sold 1058 tickets which is great for a club raffle!

The feedback we received was fantastic and others were keen to donate prizes. The raffle grew each year with small tweeks here and there in an attempt to make it the best it can possibly be.

In 2020 Mid Essex decided it wanted to help others so we opened up our raffle to other budgerigar clubs. With 30 prizes benefitting 13 clubs we sold 11495 tickets which was remarkable!

We wanted to build not only on the success of the raffle but on the ability to help others. We contacted our friends at Cage & Aviary who were very keen to work with us in launching Bird Raffle. Invites were published in C&AB and 36 prizes have been donated, the Beneficiary clubs are listed below

UK Budgerigar Club
Walsall CBS/FFCC
Mid Essex BS
Kent ZFC
Dartford Kent BS
North Frill Club UK
Birmingham BS
North Staffs & S Cheshire FFCC
Bristol BS
South Bucks Canary breeders Ass
Western Premier S&RV Budgerigar Show
Southern Yorkshire CC
City of Lincoln B&FBA
Fife Fancy Federation
High Wycombe CBS
Midlands Counties Norwich Plainhead Club
Bury St Edmunds BF Club